The 2020 college football season is here and in full swing. The SEC may have started a bit later than the ACC and Big 12, but the conference has delivered in its first few weeks of action with massive upsets and storylines abound.

There will be plenty of twists and turns throughout this unusual season as the conference is playing a 10-game, conference-only schedule over 12 weeks as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the sports calendar. We at CBS Sports will keep you up to date on everything going on in the conference with the latest news, odds, and scheduling tweaks throughout the year.

Stay tuned to this page for continuous updates to the schedule, standings and results throughout the season.

SEC football schedule 2020

  • Games: 10
  • Format: Conference only
  • Byes: Two per team, all teams off Dec. 12
  • Start date: Saturday, Sept. 26 (old Week 4)
  • SEC Championship Game: Saturday, Dec. 19 in Atlanta
  • Will there be fans? Check out each SEC team's guidelines

SEC COVID-19 testing plans

  • Coronavirus testing: Three per week (two PCR, one rapid) by third parties
  • Additional precautions: Baseline cardiac tests and continuous evaluations
  • Face coverings: Face masks/neck gaiters required for all coaches, staff and non-competing athletes on sidelines, athletes must wear neck gaiters on the field to pull up during timeouts, etc.

2020 SEC championship odds

Odds via William Hill Sportsbook as of Oct. 15

  • Alabama -270
  • Georgia +280
  • Florida +600
  • Texas A&M +2000
  • Auburn +6000
  • Tennessee +7500
  • Kentucky +10000
  • Mississippi State, LSU +20000
  • Ole Miss, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri +25000
  • Vanderbilt +100000

SEC standings


Georgia (3-0)
Florida (2-1)
Tennessee (2-1)
Kentucky (1-2)
Missouri (1-2)
South Carolina (1-2)
Vanderbilt (0-3)


Alabama (3-0)
Auburn (2-1)
Texas A&M (2-1)
Arkansas (1-2)
LSU (1-2)
Mississippi State (1-2)
Ole Miss (1-2)

Complete 2020 SEC football schedule, scores

* Asterisks indicate opponents not originally scheduled for 2020 season

Week 1 (Sept. 26)
Alabama 38, Missouri 19
Florida 51, Ole Miss 35
Georgia 37, Arkansas 10
Auburn 29, Kentucky 13
Mississippi State 44, LSU 34
Tennessee 31, South Carolina 27
Texas A&M 17, Vanderbilt 12

Week 2 (Oct. 3)
Alabama 52, Texas A&M 24
Arkansas 21, Mississippi State 14
Georgia 27, Auburn 6
Florida 38, South Carolina 24
Ole Miss 42, Kentucky 41
LSU 41, Vanderbilt 7
Tennessee 35, Missouri 12

Week 3 (Oct. 10)
Alabama 63, Ole Miss 48
Auburn 30, Arkansas 28
Georgia 44, Tennessee 21
Texas A&M 41, Florida 38 
Kentucky 24, Mississippi State 2
Missouri 45, LSU 41
South Carolina 41, Vanderbilt 7

Week 4 (Oct. 17)
Georgia at Alabama
Ole Miss at Arkansas
Auburn at South Carolina *
Kentucky at Tennessee
Texas A&M at Mississippi State

Week 5 (Oct. 24)
Alabama at Tennessee
Auburn at Ole Miss
Missouri at Florida
Georgia at Kentucky
South Carolina at LSU
OFF: Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Arkansas

Week 6 (Oct. 31)
Mississippi State at Alabama
Arkansas at Texas A&M
LSU at Auburn
Kentucky at Missouri
Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
OFF: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee

Week 7 (Nov. 7) 
Tennessee at Arkansas
Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, FL)
Vanderbilt at Mississippi State *
Texas A&M at South Carolina
OFF: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Missouri

Week 8 (Nov. 14)
Alabama at LSU
Arkansas at Florida *
Auburn at Mississippi State
Georgia at Missouri
Vanderbilt at Kentucky
South Carolina at Ole Miss *
Texas A&M at Tennessee *

Week 9 (Nov. 21)
Kentucky at Alabama *
LSU at Arkansas
Tennessee at Auburn *
Florida at Vanderbilt
Mississippi State at Georgia *
Ole Miss at Texas A&M
Missouri at South Carolina

Week 10 (Nov. 28)
Auburn at Alabama
Arkansas at Missouri
Kentucky at Florida
Georgia at South Carolina
LSU at Texas A&M
Mississippi State at Ole Miss
Tennessee at Vanderbilt

Week 11 (Dec. 5)
Alabama at Arkansas
Texas A&M at Auburn
Florida at Tennessee
Vanderbilt at Georgia
South Carolina at Kentucky
Ole Miss at LSU
Missouri at Mississippi State

Week 12 (Dec. 12)
Mandatory SEC-wide off week for potential make-up games

LSU at Florida
Vanderbilt at Missouri

Week 13 (Dec. 19)
2020 SEC Championship Game