SEC Traditions: For Tennessee, tailgating roots run deep with family

Tailgating on football Saturdays is a time-honored tradition, but every school does it a little bit differently.

As Tennessee prepares to make a run at the SEC East title after coming up short in 2016, Volunteer fans are saddling up for the season the same way that they always do: with close friends and an outrageous amount of food.

In Knoxville, it may be Volunteer Country, but they travel. A lot.

Fans hop in their RVs to camp out at different sites across the country, and they do so with people they've known ages. For these fans, it's about more than hitting up different spots, however. They're travelling with family and childhood friends that have, in essence, become family.

Equally as important to tailgating food or even transportation is a close group of friends to share it with, and Tennessee fans fit that bill and then some. They camped together before and they camp together now, the only difference is where and how they're doing it.

Tennessee travels to face Florida at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday in the SEC on CBS Game of the Week.

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