Selection committee to release four rankings in place of BCS standings

As the Executive Director of both the BCS and the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock has and will spend most of his 2013-14 academic year working on the transition to college football's new four-team playoff, which will begin in the 2014-15 season.

One aspect of the BCS that has helped shape the chase for a national title has been the release of seven different BCS standings during the year. With so many comparisons to the college basketball selection committee, which only meets at the end of the season to select and seed the field, there has been some concern that transparency is being removed from the process.

Hancock previously announced that there would be some type of rankings released by the selection committee during the season, but on Thursday he shared some of the specifics regarding that process.

"It's a new paradigm," Hancock said of the new system. "There will not be any master computer rankings. There will not be weekly announcements, like we have our BCS standings show, although the committee will be making about four announcements during the season -- so that will be pretty close. We have seven BCS standings, so going to four in the future, I don't think folks will notice a lot of difference in that."

As Hancock said in the video above, there is plenty more planning to come over the next few months before we have a full understanding of the new system. 

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