Selection of playoff selection committee nearing completion

AT&T Stadium is set to host the 2015 national championship game. (USATSI)
AT&T Stadium is set to host the 2015 national championship game. (USATSI)

The "who" part of the College Football Playoff selection committee is about done. It's now just a matter of logistics, a highly placed source in the process told

A week away from the BCS commissioners' next meeting, the source indicated that CFP executive director Bill Hancock is close to finalizing that lineup of 12-18 people that will select the 12 teams for the new postseason iteration beginning in 2014.

What's left, the source said, is the still complicated process of how those teams will be selected. There has been talk of using some sort of metric similar to the basketball committee's RPI, but that has yet to be determined. Also to be decided, the transparency issue -- how the information will be disseminated to the public.

Hancock told on Wednesday, "We're not finished. I'm still interviewing prospective members. We don't have a timetable. We don't feel rushed."

Reminded there are only 11 months left until that committee goes to work, Hancock said, "There's plenty of time in those 11 months to finish protocol and for committee members to get up to speed."

The composition of the committee remains sitting athletic directors, former coaches, former players, former administrators [including presidents] and former journalists. No sitting commissioners will be included.

The committee will be responsible for selecting and seeding the top four teams for the CFP. It will also place at-large teams in the other four CFP bowls. In years when they are not involved in the playoff rotation, the Rose Bowl (Big Ten-Pac-12) and Sugar Bowl (SEC-Big 12) will be locked in. The Orange Bowl has an agreement for the ACC champion against a rotation that includes the Big Ten, SEC and Notre Dame (once again, when the Orange isn't in the playoff rotation).

Hancock has essentially been a one-man search committee in contacting prospective selection committee members. He spoke to reporters at length about the process in late May at the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla.

"We've come a long way since then," Hancock said  on Wednesday. "Then, I hadn't started making any calls. For the last two months I've been calling prospective members. Everyone I have called has been honored to have the call. [They are thinking,] 'I want to give something to this game.' It's a remarkable affirming experience. These are smart people who love the game."

Everyone took the call, but was everyone available? Hancock was working from an original list of approximately 100 names submitted by the conferences.

"Some people are going to have conflicts. Some of the calls were very much exploratory in nature," he said. "When you do see the names you will say, 'Wow, this is a terrific group.' We focus first of all on integrity."

The BCS commissioners -- now named the Management Committee -- will meet Sept. 25 at the Big Ten headquarters in Chicago.

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