Should this North Carolina TD have counted in win vs. Miami? ACC responds

The ACC announced a new collaborative replay system before the 2016 season. It was supposed to limit some of the issues that have been later reviewed with a new conclusion from the league office, including Miami's eight-lateral touchdown play that maybe should not have counted at Duke last season.

A North Carolina touchdown is in question this week from the Tar Heels' 20-13 victory at Miami on Saturday. In the first quarter, Austin Proehl caught a touchdown pass in the back of the end zone and was hit by Hurricanes linebacker Shaq Quarterman. The score was reviewed, but only as to whether Proehl had his feet in bounds. Later in the game, ESPN showed another angle of the clip that revealed Proehl juggled the ball.

That angle, the ACC said Tuesday, was not made available to the replay officials on-site or in the league's Greensboro, N.C., office.

"It's a shame that the feed that was available wasn't made available," Miami coach Mark Richt told the Associated Press.

If the play had been ruled incomplete, North Carolina would have had the opportunity to kick a field goal instead of taking a 10-0 lead in the one-score victory that gives the Tar Heels a leg up in the ACC Coastal Division race. Virginia Tech, a step back after the loss at Syracuse, will play host to the Hurricanes on Thursday night.

Here's the play in question and the angle ESPN showed later in the game in a highlight package.

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