Slive says Rose Bowl playoff proposal "not one of my favorites"

It's rare that Mike Slive makes any kind of public comment that's not at least semi-newsworthy, and his appearance Monday at a Birmingham gathering of AP Sports Editors was no exception.

That's where Slive dropped this tidbit, courtesy of the Birmingham News's Jon Solomon:

We'll translate "not one of my favorites" out of commissioner-speak into standard American English for you: I despise the idea and everything associated with it, and it will be put into action over my proverbial dead body.

Slive's vocal, public opposition -- the most serious shot fired yet in its direction -- to the Rose Bowl-centric plan believed to be backed by the Big Ten's Jim Delany would seem to put college athletics' two biggest power brokers in opposition over the biggest current issue in college athletics. If Slive and Delany are each willing to go to the mat for and against the proposal, you're looking at the college football equivalent of King Kong vs. Godzilla playing out in the sports' backrooms and negotiating tables.

More likely is that Delany has floated the proposal -- a three-semifinals-for-two-berths scheme that seems needlessly complicated at best and flat ludicrous at worst -- as a bargaining tool as he, the Rose Bowl, and his conference begin the negotiating process (one that could see two plus-one semifinals played on campus--forcing SEC and Pac-12 teams to travel to Big Ten country, hypothetically).

Whatever Delany's motivation, with Slive opposed, one thing is certain: the Rose Bowl proposal's chances of ever coming to pass are much, much less likely than they already were when the day started.
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