As it turns out, the best tackle on No. 5 Oklahoma wasn't made by West Virginia. it was made by the turf. 

Following a Jalen Hurts touchdown in the first half, Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner took the field like it always does to celebrate. However, things took a literal turn for the worse when the wagon toppled over as its horses sharply rounded to their left. The man and woman atop the Schooner took a hard spill on the turf while the rest of the wagon continued on into to the tunnel. Here's a video of the accident below: 

Thankfully, everyone involved is apparently OK and any additional check-ups were merely precautionary. As it turned out, the mishap was about the only thing that went wrong for Oklahoma, who won 52-14 to raise its record to 7-0.

"The Sooner Schooner tipped over today. We believe it was the result of weight distribution among riders in the rear of the wagon. Three individuals were evaluated at the stadium and released. All others reported that they were uninjured," a statement from Oklahoma said. "Upon initial evaluation, it also appears the ponies are uninjured. Medical staff responded immediately as did the expert horse handlers and veterinarian who staff all games. We are grateful that the injuries were not serious and for the staff members who responded so well." 

The good news is that the man and woman were able to walk off the field under their own power. It's early, but they're considered to be day-to-day and their status for the Week 9 road game at Kansas State is probable. 

As for the Schooner, well, it's in pretty rough shape ... 

You know what they say: Sometimes when you fall, you just have to get back up on that horse. Or wagon, as the case may be here.