South Bend police recover stolen BCS tickets at a bar

Manti T'eo would never steal your tickets. (US Presswire)

Two men who allegedly stole BCS Championship Game tickets from a woman in South Bend have been caught and arrested after trying to sell those tickets in a local bar.

A South Bend woman won the tickets through Notre Dame's lottery and was able to purchase them at face value. Though records from FedEx indicated the tickets had been delivered to her, she never received them. Which is when she called the school to report the tickets had been missing.

Not long after all this happened, two men walked into Mulligan's Bar and Grill in South Bend looking to sell a couple of tickets to the BCS Championship Game. Patrons at the bar became suspicious and contacted the school. The school then did the math and called the South Bend police, who showed up at the bar on Wednesday night waiting for the two men to return and complete the transaction.

When they did, both were arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property. 

The police then returned the tickets to the woman. The system worked.

Now if only the schools would call the police on the bowl games that force them to buy all those tickets whether they can sell them or not.

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