South Carolina fan arrested after mooning LSU fans in Tiger Stadium

What's worse than traveling all the way from Charleston, SC, to Baton Rouge, La., only to see your football team's undefeated season end in a frustrating 23-21 loss? How about becoming so agitated by the loss (and the home crowd) you wind up being booked into the local jail on obscenity charges?

Per the Baton Rouge Advocate, that was the (entirely avoidable) fate for South Carolina fan Charles Hattaway on Saturday night. A police affadavit stated that officers were called to Section 409 of Tiger Stadium during the LSU victory after complaints regarding a fan "with his pants hanging below his waist, using vulgar language."

According to the affadavit, while the officers were escorting Hattaway down the stairs and out of the section for questioning, the 34-year-old pulled down his pants and mooned the LSU crowd. He was arrested and booked into Parish Prison on one count of obscenity, a misdemeanor.

Obviously, Hattaway's incident isn't nearly as serious an issue -- legal or otherwise -- as the infamous recent sexual assault case involving an Alabama fan and a passed-out LSU fan following the BCS Championship Game. (You know the one.) But if SEC fans haven't gotten the message yet, maybe Hattaway's arrest will drive the point further home: Unless they want to get into legal hot water, it really is for the best that they simply keep their pants on in the presence of other football fans.


Photo from recent Mariners-A's baseball game, by Getty Images

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