Stanford goes down, impacts bowl projections for others

Stanford Cardinal 's loss at Utah Utes has changed the look of the BCS bowl projections for other teams, but the Cardinal are still projected into the Rose Bowl.  The difference now, is that they are now slotted as a replacement for Oregon Ducks , which moves into the BCS title game projection.  That displaced Ohio State Buckeyes , which now projects to take a 25-game winning streak into the Rose Bowl instead.  That knocked Nebraska Cornhuskers out of the BCS altogether, but Wisconsin Badgers emerges as the choice to fill the Orange Bowl in Miami.  The Badgers have been in three straight Rose Bowls, which is why they were not slotted for that game earlier.

Georgia Bulldogs still projects to win the SEC East after losing to Missouri Tigers , but that projection is based on the Tigers' struggling to win without QB James Franklin , who was injured late in that game on Saturday.  If Mizzou shows they can still play at a high level without him, that projection may get revisited.  It might anyway, because Georgia has some serious injury problems of their own.

South Carolina Gamecocks still projects as the highest rated team in the SEC after Alabama Crimson Tide wins the league, and thus is the choice for the Sugar Bowl to replace the Tide.

There are currently 11 bowl eligible teams, and just one eliminated so far.

If we had a playoff this year:

This section of the blog describes what things might look like if the new playoff system were in effect this year. It's different than the regular bowl projections in that it is based on current data. Beginning next year, a selection committee will not only select and seed a playoff, but also put together matchups for the other four bowls in the playoff rotation. The five major conference champions are all automatically placed in one of those six bowls. The American conference is not part of that group. The highest rated team from outside those leagues is also guaranteed a spot.

If a playoff started today, it would probably look like this:

Sugar Bowl: No. 1 Alabama vs No. 4 Clemson Tigers
Rose Bowl: No. 2 Oregon vs No. 3 Ohio State
Cotton Bowl: Texas Longhorns A&M vs Baylor Bears
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs South Carolina
Fiesta Bowl: UCLA Bruins vs LSU Tigers
Chick-Fil-A Bowl: Louisville Cardinals vs Miami

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