Stanford's band makes fun of Iowa during Rose Bowl halftime show

Stanford dominated Iowa on Friday evening in the Rose Bowl, beating the Hawkeyes, 45-16.

Not only did the Cardinal beat Iowa on the field behind a record-setting performance from Christian McCaffrey, the Stanford band used their halftime performance to troll Iowa fans.

The Stanford band did a "Farmer's Only" halftime show, playing the jingle from the dating website's ad to make fun of Iowa fans -- which made up a large majority of the crowd at the Rose Bowl. 

Then the Stanford band brought out a big cow to wander around on the field, because of course. 

The goal was apparently to make a corn maze and have the cow drunkenly wander through it. Iowa fans, already down 35-0 to Stanford at the half, did not find the humor in it. 

The Stanford band is always a bit different and regularly find themselves at the center of controversy for the content of their shows -- Wisconsin fans weren't happy with 2013's "Ode to Cheese" show in the Rose Bowl.

It's not just the content of their shows that is strange, but the "instruments" they play are quite different as well. I mean, they have a guy playing a stop sign and a girl playing a skateboard. 

The content of their shows always makes showing the Stanford band on live TV a bit of an adventure, and ESPN's response was to show them briefly and then zoomed out to a really wide blimp shot for a chunk of the show. 

Stanford's band did not care that people had their feelings hurt by their halftime show. 

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Stanford's band makes fun of Iowa during its halftime performance. (Twitter/BryanDFischer)
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