Swinney: If Clemson makes playoff, Death Valley to host free pizza party

When asked Tuesday about the incoming College Football Playoff Rankings, Clemson's Dabo Swinney said exactly what you'd expect him to say.  

“It’s so irrelevant,” Swinney told The State, with his Tigers gearing up for their biggest game of the season -- vs. No. 16 Florida State -- on Saturday. “If we want an opportunity to [make the playoff], we’ve got to win this game. You’ve got to earn your way there. You don’t get any passes, so it has nothing to do with where we are right now."

Swinney emphasized his point by explaining how Clemson would react if it did qualify for the playoff -- and that was something that wouldn't have been expected at all.

“The only poll that we’re excited about is Dec. 6, and I promise you, we’ll have the biggest poll party you’ve seen," he said. "We’ll open up Death Valley and serve pizza to everybody. That’ll be a time to celebrate a poll. Until then, it doesn’t matter.”

Please, Mr. Swinney -- don't toy with our emotions, or the emotions of the legions of pizza- and playoff-hungry Tigers fans out there. If you say you're going to host a Memorial Stadium pizza party for up to 81,500 people, you better host a Memorial Stadium pizza party for up to 81,500 people. Please don't tell us this was just a little joke.

Because, you see, we've looked at your schedule and seen just how little will stand in your way if you get past the Seminoles. (And you happen to be 12.5-point favorites to get that victory Saturday.) A playoff berth is looking like a distinct possibility. If you meant it, you have to know there's a distinct possibility of needing to throw that pizza party when the committee has its final say.

Just saying: A Death Valley pizza party celebrating a Clemson playoff berth sounds like an absolute blast, and should not be discussed lightly -- no matter what the Seminoles might have to say about it.   

Dabo Swinney called the current playoff rankings 'so irrelevant.' (USATSI)
Dabo Swinney called the current playoff rankings 'so irrelevant.' (USATSI)
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