Syracuse blog raises 20K (and growing) to send kids to Texas Bowl

Otto's going to make a ton of new friends. (USATSI)

One Syracuse blog is doing Yeoman’s work this holiday season. 

SB Nation’s Syracuse affiliate is trying to raise as much money as possible to send as many underprivileged kids as possible to the Texas Bowl.

What began as a goal to raise $12,000 to send 200 underprivileged Houston-area kids to the game between Syracuse (6-6) and Minnesota (8-4), has morphed into an overwhelming success. As of Monday night, the blog had hauled in nearly $20,000 with no end in sight. The initial plan was to end donations on Friday, but the deadline was extended to Monday the 23rd. The blog is now estimating that they may be able to send around 500 kids. Wait, scratch that. 

The Texas Bowl has even helped out the cause, dropping the initial tickets from $50 apiece to just $20.

The kids will all be receiving hot dog vouchers, and the majority of the kids will take home a Syracuse T-shirt – (the blog said it can’t promise to accommodate the rapidly growing numbers.). Finally, is Otto the Orange aware of what's going on? Yes, Otto the Orange is aware of what's going on. You can bank on at least 1,000 photos taken with the fruit. 

The best part is that ANYONE can donate: 

Even coach Scott Shafer has plugged the awesome idea.

So if you’re an Orange or a Gopher fan and don’t feel like trekking down to Houston to see a mediocre matchup (that might as well be the BCS championship for these kids), you might as well donate and make someone's Christmas. Plus, the stands won’t look nearly as dull with a bunch of rowdy kids hyped up on soda. 

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