T-Town shocker: Aggies knock off No. 1 Tide

Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope celebrates one of his many big plays against the Bama defense. (US Presswire)

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All of them fit. Texas A&M beat Bama and suddenly anything seems possible in 2012. Even that Irish thing. After coasting through most of the last two seasons, Bama couldn’t get up physically and mentally two weeks in a row. Yes, there was a stain of purple and yellow on that 29-24 loss. LSU left its mark.

Ah, but so did A&M, which out-hit, out-strategized and out-Manzieled the team we were led to believe was on the cusp of a dynasty. Instead, it was so quiet in Bryant-Denny you could hear a flask drop.

Our sport was knocked into the middle of next week and we can’t wait. That’s when Oregon could be No. 1 for the first time since … 2010. Kansas State could be right behind. That’s two schools separated by 1,700 miles trying to survive the final three weeks for an all-expense paid trip to South Florida.

They won’t be getting any tips from Alabama.

Meanwhile, everyone in the SEC has a loss this early in the season for the first time since 2008. That can mean only one thing. The Joy of Six (championships in a row) just may be over. We’ll have to revisit that subject later because, right now, the best team in the SEC finished in a tie for sixth last year in the Big 12.

Except for the recent paperwork, Texas A&M is still that Big 12 team. They run that zone-read spread. They run high tempo. They throw those flippin’ tunnel screens. And they stared down and beat down Bama in its own crib.

It was too much, too soon in back-to-back weeks for the Tide. Meanwhile, forget that paperwork from July 1. The Aggies officially got their hands stamped for entry into the world’s best conference Saturday by doing something they had also done in the Big 12 -- beat a No. 1.

That was a decade ago vs. Oklahoma. These Aggies have a new coach (Kevin Sumlin)  a new quarterback and new nickname. Johnny Football just became Johnny Upset. Johnny Manziel was once again the spark which, of course, made no sense if you have a sense for history. History being late August when the redshirt freshman was still locked in a battle to even start for the Aggies.

Now the pride of Kerrville, Texas, may be the toast of New York in early December.

Did you see that fourth-quarter throw to Ryan Swope?

Somewhere, Chip Kelly doing the watusi over the best decommitment (Manziel) he ever had.

“There is no one,” Gary Danielson said in the fourth quarter as the result became apparent, “who thought a quarterback from [new SEC entries] A&M or Missouri was going to do that to this league.”

Funny, how things can change so quickly. Suddenly, the Tide are relegated to the oldies bin. Sure, there is a way they can get back into the championship hunt, but they’ve lost control of the vehicle. It’s going to take some combination of Ducks, Wildcats and Irish to provide help. Perhaps all three.

That wasn’t just a loss, it was a multicar pileup at the intersection of Armageddon and Upheaval.

The wreckage isn't going to be cleared for a while. 

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