TCU's Gary Patterson has some choice words for Art Briles, Baylor

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'If that's what class is, I don't want to be it,' said Patterson about Baylor (USATSI)

TCU coach Gary Patterson was not pleased with pleased with Baylor coach Art Briles or Baylor safety Ahmad Dixon after TCU's 41-38 loss to the Bears on Saturday, and he wasn't shy about sharing his feeling in his post game press conference.

“Number six [Ahmad Dixon], beats a guy up at the beginning of the season and doesn’t get suspended,” Patterson told the assembled media. “He takes a shot and I want him kicked out. The head coach came across the field to me. I’ve got a guy (Dixon) who’s laughing into the camera on the sideline. I’ve got a guy (Trevone Boykin) that can’t come into the game for a play. That’s not what I call class.”

The incident Patterson refers to is Dixon's ejection on Saturday for a targeting call after he hit TCU receiver Trevone Boykin. After Dixon was ejected, he gestured to the TCU crowd as he left the sideline.

Patterson did not stop there, though, as he went on for several minutes.

“If [Briles] has a problem with me, he can come to where I live," said Patterson. "I have respect for him and I have respect for his program, but I’m not going to teach my guys that and that guy [Dixon] has been doing that for four years. The bottom line to it is, it wasn’t funny. Trevone Boykin came in for one more play and he jumped offsides. It wasn’t funny. To come across the field at me, ugh huh.

“I didn’t build this program backing down to anybody and I’m not going to do it to him. Not in anything we do, not in recruiting, not in anything. You’ve got to understand he’s picking on the wrong guy. At midfield [after the game], he said leave it on the field. I have. They didn’t correct the problem a long time ago. He can say what he wants to. I have a lot of respect for the program and for him. But you’re not going to come across the field to me and it’s not going to be ok to let a guy stand on the sideline and laugh in front of the TV camera when he tries to take a shot at somebody and hurt him.

“[Briles] can go correct his player because nobody said anything to him. I watched. I had to get the official to go get him because they let him stand on the sideline. If I didn’t say anything, they would have let him stand there the whole time. That isn’t cool.

"If that’s what class is, I don’t want to be it.”

You can watch the video of Patterson's press conference right here.

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