Terps' Randy Edsall survived the world's worst recruiting trip

Randy Edsall had quite the adventure on a Florida recruiting trip. (US Presswire)

Maryland finished signing day 2013 with the nation's No. 34 recruiting class, not all that bad considering the Terps' recent on-field struggles. Adding three-star corner Taivon Jacobs on a signing-day switch from Ohio State was a particularly positive point.

But it's three-star Belle Glade, Fla. athlete Will Likely who Edsall truly went the extra mile for ... an extra mile (or seven) that nearly ended in Edsall literally giving his life for his program.

Edsall's account of his failed attempt to make a recruiting visit to Likely by reporter Patrick Stevens is an absolute must-read, every word, but here's the short version: a GPS led Edsall and assistant Brian Stewart badly astray and into the (ahem) highly rural areas surrounding Belle Glade, where things went from bad (lost) to far worse (nearly run off the road by a pickup truck):

"It's so dark out you can't even see the numbers on the houses and he's going real, real slow. I said 'Brian, I'm telling you, this is not right, you know?' So he gets on the phone -- true story -- and he says 'Will, is your address this?' 'Yeah.' 'Well, we're here. Which one is your house?'

"We're looking and sitting there for probably five, seven minutes and he said 'It's not there,' so we start to go. We're going to take a left and here comes a pickup truck in this development and they're staring at us like 'What the heck are you guys doing in here?' Then we have a car that comes up behind us and I said 'Brian, I think we ought to get out of here.'

"We go and take a left and the next thing you know, we have both of them on our bumper in this little development as we get out on this highway ... The pickup truck tries to rear-end us. The other one tries to go outside of us. [Stewart] says 'Call 911' ... We drive two and a half, three miles with these people chasing us and finally we get to this light and Brian outran them a little bit and get to the light and took a right and they stopped following us.

"That's the first time in 30 years I've ever been chased out of a development and chased down a highway trying to recruit somebody." 

Again, this is just a sampling; we strongly suggest reading the entire thing.

Here's hoping the same Maryland-based ingenuity that led to "Rockin' Randy" ice cream can turn this into a Grand Theft Auto-style Internet-based video game. Whaddya say, Terps students?

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