Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin goes a little nuts in post-game celebration video, then bans cameras

No team pulled a bigger fourth-quarter rabbit out of its hat this past Saturday than Texas A&M, which, in its inaugural SEC road game, went from 10 points down with under seven minutes to play to a wild 30-27 victory over Ole Miss.

So we don't blame first-year Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin one bit for being excited. And, as you can see in this video from the Aggies' own official YouTube channel, Sumlin -- the guy in the gray jacket pushing players and screaming -- was really excited:

If you're an Aggies fan, you probably want your coach to be just as thrilled as his players, right? Apparently, that's still more excitement than Sumlin is comfortable expressing in the public eye. Per The Dallas Morning News, he's decided there won't be anymore videos from ibehind the Aggies' closed doors.

"There won’t be any more cameras in the locker room," he said. "That’s not going to happen again. But you got to remember, 20 minutes before that, we were losing by 10 points … It’s OK to celebrate."

It certainly is, which is why this feels like an overreaction on Sumlin's part to a perfectly normal postgame reaction in Oxford.

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