Texas A&M's 'Swagcopter' gets makeover [UPDATE: or not]

[Editor's note: the image below appears to be a skillfully-done Photoshop. Though that doesn't mean it might not still be an effective preview of whatever A&M has planned uniform-wise.] 

Monday, the Texas A&M -centric, Adidas-branded Twitter account @AggieFBLife tweeted a cryptic image of the date 11-30-13 printed over a striped pattern compared by many to the late, lamented Zubaz. (Though to this humble blogger, it more closesly resembled the background for ye olde Max Headroom commercials.)

The assumption was that the pattern would feature in a new set of alternate uniforms for the Aggies to wear in their season finale at Missouri, and that assumption seems more accurate than ever after Adidas "PR Guy" Michael Ehrlich tweeted a photo Wednesday morning of A&M's famous recruiting "Swagcopter" having undergone just a bit of a makeover:

It turns out this appears to be a well-done Photoshop. Via a page at -- not coincidentally -- aggiefblife.com, here's what appears to be the original:

Quite frankly, if A&M wears uniforms that look anything like that Swagcopter, it's going to be a dark day for college football fashion. But at the same time, if you're going to take the alternate uniform route, you might as well take it as hard as you can -- and using that design certainly qualifies.

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