Charlie Strong is that rare species of the passive-aggressive disciplinarian
Charlie Strong is that rare species of the passive-aggressive disciplinarian. (USATSI)

There was quite an overhaul of players on the Texas roster when Charlie Strong took over the program from Mack Brown last year. It seemed like every day there was a story about another Longhorn transferring or being kicked off the team.

Well, Charlie Strong wants you to know that nobody was kicked off the team. He said as much during a radio interview with CBS Sports Radio's Tiki and Tierney.

“I didn’t kick them off,” said Strong during his appearance on the program. “So much was said about, ‘He walks in here and he just starts getting rid of guys.’ I always look at it like this: With our coaching staff, we’ve provided you a chance to just get it right and just do what we ask you to do, and that’s what it came down to. Any time you take over a program, sometimes you’re going to be challenged. I’m one of those coaches where I make it about the players. I want them to always understand that I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they’re successful.

“Now, some people don’t want to hear the message, and then when they decide that they want to run their own program, then I tell them, ‘You know what? This may not be the place for you. There’s other schools that would love to have you, so I just think that’s probably where you need to go.’”

So, in Charlie's mind, he didn't kick anybody off the team, he just made it clear to them that they should pursue other opportunities. Maybe we should all try to take this approach in our own lives.

Perhaps you're in a relationship that you feel has run its course, but you don't have the strength to put an end to it. So instead of looking into your significant other's eyes and simply saying, "I'm ending this," just say something like, "You know, Steve from down the street thinks you're really attractive, and he has a good job. In fact, I think he makes more than I do, and with better benefits. Did you know that? You should talk to him, he's a nice guy."

Passive-aggression is the best kind!