Houston wants in the Big 12. This should not come as a surprise to you. If you'd like a complete list of every school that wants in the Big 12, go look at our standings page here on CBSSports.com. Then go to a Group of Five Conference.

Every team in it wants in the Big 12.

Houston, of course, has a better shot than most others, and it now has one big-time supporter in its corner: Texas governor Greg Abbott.

Now, make no mistake about it, Greg Abbott's opinion will be listened to.

The Texas governor received his bachelor degree from Texas, and still goes to Longhorns basketball and football games when he can. Considering that Texas could be considered a major road block for Houston to get into the Big 12 -- the Longhorns might not want yet another Texas school to have to compete against in recruiting and on the field -- it's important that Houston gets the school's support for entry.

Also, Abbott certainly isn't be the first Texas governor to throw their weight around when it comes to conference realignment and expansion.

The man who preceded Abbot as Texas governor, Rick Perry, was never shy about his support for Texas A&M, and was vocally supportive of the Aggies moving to the SEC while he was running for President in 2011.

Then there was another former governor, Ann Richards, who helped get Baylor into the Big 12 when the conference was first formed in 1996.

So if history tells us anything, it's that Houston has to like its chances.