Just as University of Texas president Jay Hartzell promised earlier this week, "The Eyes of Texas" was played following the football team's victory over Baylor on Saturday. With the band not participating in the game in protest of the song which has origins in old-time racist minstrel shows, the song played through stadium speakers for fans to stand and sing along to, after the 27-16 win.

Most notable about the postgame tradition was how the entire Longhorns football team remained on the field and stood with their fans to join them in singing the song with their hands in the air making a "Horns Up" sign.

Black athletes at Texas have asked for the song to be replaced with something else, a call that became even more assertive in the wake of nationwide protests for racial equity following the killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer. In response, the school's athletic director Chris Del Conte has told coaches that players must stand together during the postgame playing of the song with racist origins as a purported show of respect for the attending fans.

The football program seemed not to have heeded the message from the higher ups, which led to a firestorm earlier this month after the entire team walked off before the song was played following a home loss to TCU, leaving only quarterback Sam Ehlinger behind to sing the song on his own. This angered fans and resulted in a cacophony of complaints over the lack of respect for school tradition, along with a petition that demanded players stand for the song.

This weekend in particular was the latest step in the saga as the band did not participate in the game because the group decided to not play the song which has an opening that Confederate general Robert E. Lee inspired.