The battle for bowl eligibility

There are 13 teams that still have a chance to become bowl eligible these next two weeks, and we still need seven more teams to fill all the bowls. Since there are no head-to-head games, all 13 could succeed or fail.

Nine teams play their final game on Saturday and will either become eligible or get eliminated.  Only four are favored to win: Michigan State, Mississippi, Purdue and Virginia Tech.

Two others, Georgia Tech and Baylor, have two chances to get the one win they need to become eligible.

Two more, Pitt and Connecticut, need to win twice.

So, it looks like we might not have enough teams. If we don't, we still gotta fill the bowls, and that means taking sub-.500 teams.

The first team that would get chosen would be Georgia Tech if it finishes 6-7 after losing the ACC title game.

After that, 5-7 teams would be picked in order of APR until we get to 70 teams. The top six potential 5-7 teams in the APR are Rice, Wake Forest, Missouri, Virginia Tech, Utah and Indiana. There is no chance we would need to go deeper than that on the list.

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