The Best Worst Ten: Week 11

    Ron Turner's FIU team was the most impressive this week (USATSI)    
Ron Turner's FIU team was the most impressive this week. (USATSI)

Anybody can put together a list of the best ten teams in the country, but figuring out the worst ten teams in the country is a lot more fun.

I can't lie to you, I was excited when Eastern Michigan beat Western Michigan on Saturday and when Iowa beat Purdue. Not because I care about any of those teams, but because I so desperately want a team from one of the new power five conferences -- ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC -- to reach The Best Worst Ten, and Purdue was the closest team coming into the week.

And Purdue is still the closest power conference team to breaking through, however, it's not quite there yet. It currently sits at No. 12. 

There's always next week.

No. 10 Massachusetts 1-8 (Last week: UR)

Average Score: 11.6-32.7

Best Win: 17-10 vs. Miami (Ohio)

Worst Loss: 24-14 vs. Maine

Next Game: 11/16 vs. Akron

The Minutemen work their way back into The Best Worst Ten this week despite having a bye week. That's just how good they are at losing. Well, ok, so they really only got back into the top ten because Eastern Michigan won a game and fell from No. 4 to no longer ranked.

No. 9 Western Michigan 1-9 (10)

Average Score: 17.0-36.5

Best Win: 31-30 at UMass

Worst Loss: 27-23 vs. Nicholls State

Next Game: 11/16 vs. Central Michigan

I'm actually upset with the math here, because I don't think Western Michigan should be ranked ahead of UMass. I mean, Western Michigan beat UMass earlier this season, and it had to go to overtime before finally losing to Eastern Michigan this weekend. Yet the math rewards the Broncos with the better ranking. Math is so stupid, you guys.

No. 8 Hawaii 0-9 (8)

Average Score: 22.6-37.3

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 31-9 at Nevada

Next Game: 11/16 vs. San Diego State

As I've said just about every week that Hawaii has been here, I think it's the best team in these rankings. It's just that the Warriors haven't actually managed to win a game, and to be honest, I only see one more chance to get that win against Army to finish the season. Such is the crux of Hawaii in 2013. It's simply too good to be truly bad, but not good enough to keep from being one of the worst. It's like a Jason Statham movie.

No. 7 Florida International 1-8 (9)

Average Score: 10.1-38.0

Best Win: 24-23 at Southern Miss

Worst Loss: 34-13 vs. Bethune-Cookman

Next Game: 11/16 at UTEP

Wow, you have to admire FIU's persistence. The Panthers know it's a long climb to the top, but that didn't stop them from giving their all this weekend. I mean, you don't just go out and lose 48-0 to Middle Tennessee without putting some real effort into it. And that effort included a grand total of 233 yards of offense and four turnovers.

No. 6 New Mexico State 1-9 (6)

Average Score: 21.7-46.4

Best Win: 34-29 vs. Abilene Christian

Worst Loss: 66-17 at New Mexico

Next Game: 11/23 at FAU

The Aggies nearly screwed up royally on Saturday, as they actually managed to tie Boston College at 34-34 with just over eight minutes left to play. Fortunately for the Aggies, they quickly surrendered a couple touchdowns to the Eagles to avoid a catastrophe.

No. 5 Idaho 1-9 (7)

Average Score: 18.8-45.7

Best Win: 26-24 vs. Temple

Worst Loss: 59-38 vs. Old Dominion

Next Game: 11/23 at Florida State

Idaho moves up two spots following a 59-38 loss to Old Dominion on Saturday, but the Vandals flirted with disaster for a while. Idaho took a 21-17 lead over the Monarchs in the first quarter, and the game was tied 31-31 at halftime. But the halftime speach from Paul Petrino must have been the stuff of Hollywood, as the Vandals would be outscored 28-7 in the second half to launch themselves into the top five.

No. 4 Connecticut 0-8 (5)

Average Score: 15.6-34.6

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 33-18 vs. Towson

Next Game: 11/16 at SMU

You know, if you get an opportunity to play Louisville and let one of the best teams in the country put a beating on you, you have to take it. UConn didn't really do that, as a 31-10 loss to Louisville is a bit too respectable. The only reason it moves up at all is because of Eastern Michigan's fall from grace. 

No. 3 Miami (Ohio) 0-9 (3)

Average Score: 10.0-33.9

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 17-10 at UMass

Next Game: 11/13 at Kent State

You have to hand it to Miami. The Redhawks get a chance to showcase their abilities on a weeknight in front of a national audience, and they take advantage of it, losing to Bowling Green 45-3 on Tuesday night. This week they'll look to follow the same strategy on Wednesday night against Kent State. I don't know that it will be enough to crack the top two, but I wouldn't put anything past this team. Once it puts its mind to something, it can achieve anything.

No. 2 Southern Mississippi 0-9 (2)

Average Score: 12.8-43.7

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 24-23 vs. FIU

Next Game: 11/16 vs. FAU

Southern Miss managed to lose to Louisiana Tech this week thanks in large part to its four turnovers, but the Eagles lost a bit of momentum in the process. Southern Miss came into this game having allowed 55 points or more in three straight, which is what helped it charge into second place. Unfortunately that streak ended on Saturday as Louisiana Tech only put up 36 on the Golden Eagles. That's not how you get to No. 1, Southern Miss.

No. 1 Georgia State 0-9 (1)

Average Score: 17.1-36.9

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 42-14 vs. Chattanooga

Next Week: 11/16 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Georgia State took the week off, but it's grip on first place was strong enough that it didn't really matter. However, I do worry about how the Panthers have seemed to cut it close a bit too often lately, and that they could do something stupid and win. Hopefully they spent their bye week not preparing for Louisiana-Lafayette. You don't want to mess up in November because there just isn't enough time to recover.

No Longer Ranked: Eastern Michigan

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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