The Best Worst Ten: Week 13

    In the end, the Huskies just didn't want it enough    
In the end, the Huskies just didn't want it enough. (USATSI)

Anybody can put together a list of the best teams in the country, but figuring out the worst ten teams is a lot more fun.

It's now or never for a lot of teams, as our competitors only have one game left to play this season. Will they perservere and climb the ranks of The Best Worst Ten, or will they choke like UConn did this week when it came back from a 21-0 deficit against Temple to win 28-21.

Just a horrible move on UConn's part, as the Huskies still had a chance at glory, coming into the week ranked fifth. Now?

Now they're no longer ranked at all. 

The month of November just has a way of separating the contenders from the pretenders, folks.

No. 10 Hawaii 0-11 (Last week: 8)

Average Score: 25.5-38.5

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 31-9 at Nevada

Next Game: Nov. 30 vs. Army

Hawaii came so close on Saturday. So very, very, very close, but not close enough. The Warriors took Wyoming to overtime but fell short, losing 59-56. This only a week after losing to San Diego State in overtime. Which helps explain how a team without a win is ranked lower than so many other teams that have won.

No. 9 Western Michigan 1-10 (10)

Average Score: 17.5-35.6

Best Win: 31-30 at UMass

Worst Loss: 27-23 vs. Nicholls State

Next Game: Nov. 26 at Northern Illinois

Western Michigan took the week off but still moved up a spot thanks to UConn winning and Hawaii playing another overtime game. It's not going to happen, but how hilarious would it be if Northern Illinois got this close to another BCS bowl only to lose to Western Michigan in the final game of the regular season?

No. 8 Eastern Michigan 2-9 (UR)

Average Score: 19.6-45.5

Best Win: 35-32 OT vs. Western Michigan

Worst Loss: 50-25 at Army

Next Game: Nov. 29 at Central Michigan

I'm not going to lie to you, Eastern Michigan, but when UConn won I was really hoping it would be Purdue replacing them in The Best Worst Ten. I guess I'll just have to settle for you. I mean, it's not like you don't deserve it. Sure, you've won two games and you're our only ranked team to do that, but you've also given up 50 points or more in six games this season. That takes moxie.

No. 7 Massachusetts 1-10 (9)

Average Score: 10.6-31.4

Best Win: 17-10 vs. Miami (Ohio)

Worst Loss: 24-14 vs. Maine

Next Game: Nov. 29 at Ohio

Now, as you may or may not know, I have a formula that I use to rank every single FBS team. That's how I come up with this list. What you probably don't know is that UMass played a Central Michigan team that was ranked No. 99 coming into this weekend's games and the Minutemen lost 37-0 to that Central Michigan team. That is not easy to do. 

No. 6 New Mexico State 1-10 (7)

Average Score: 20.6-47.2

Best Win: 34-29 vs. Abilene Christian

Worst Loss: 66-17 at New Mexico

Next Game: Nov. 30 vs. Idaho

Remember earlier this season when Florida Atlantic fired its head coach because it's head coach was allegedly using cocaine and marijuana? Yeah, well, New Mexico State lost to that team 55-10 on Saturday. So I guess maybe New Mexico State should start doing drugs? According to Breaking Bad, they should be really easy to find in New Mexico.

No. 5 Idaho 1-10 (6)

Average Score: 18.4-48.8

Best Win: 26-24 vs. Temple

Worst Loss: 59-38 vs. Old Dominion

Next Game: Nov. 30 at New Mexico State

Idaho gave up 80 points on Saturday, but the truth is it actually improved in my rankings this week based on its score in my rankings. It's just that other teams improved a bit more, so it jumped a spot anyway. That's what happens when you play Florida State and mess up your strength of schedule.

No. 4 Florida International 1-10 (4)

Average Score: 10.1-38.5

Best Win: 24-23 vs. Southern Miss

Worst Loss: 34-13 vs. Bethune-Cookman

Next Game: Nov. 29 at FAU

You have to admire how thoroughly incompetent FIU looked during its 48-10 loss to Marshall this week, but the fact of the matter is that while it may be the worst one-win team in the country, it simply has no hope of cracking the top three at this point without help from one of those teams.

No. 3 Georgia State 0-11 (2)

Average Score: 18.9-36.5

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 42-14 vs. Chattanooga

Next Game: Nov. 30 vs. South Alabama

Georgia State's collapse down the stretch continued this week. A few weeks ago it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Panthers would claim the top spot this season, but they came within a failed two-point conversion of taking a respectable Arkansas State team to overtime this week. This after (relatively) close calls against Western Kentucky and Louisiana-Lafayette the previous two weeks. No other way to put it, really. This team just lost focus and chocked in November.

No. 2 Miami (Ohio) 0-11 (3)

Average Score: 9.4-33.9

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 17-10 at UMass

Next Game: Nov. 29 at Ball State

You have to give Miami a lot of credit. It is the worst team in the worst conference in the country -- the MAC has four teams in our top ten you'll notice -- and it does all of this while wearing some of the ugliest uniforms that I've ever seen. It's just all-out effort all the time in every facet of the game from the Redhawks, and you have to respect it.

No. 1 Southern Mississippi 0-11 (1)

Average Score: 13.0-43.3

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 24-23 vs. FIU

Next Game: Nov. 30 at UAB

The current gold standard of bad football teams, your Southern Miss Golden Eagles. The Eagles took over the top spot last week and went out and performed like a No. 1 team this week. Sure, they scored 21 points against Middle Tennesse, but they battled and overcame that adversity to make sure they allowed twice as many points in return. Now Southern Miss finds itself one more loss away from being a champion.

No longer ranked: Connecticut

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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