The Big 12 is making the 'Horns Down' controversy even worse with 'special treatment'

Big 12 Media Day offered some important takeaways surrounding the Oklahoma quarterback competition, renewed college football rivalries and potential playoff expansion.

It also offered more confusion over the "Horns Down" celebration controversy.

Addressing other teams' mockery of the "Horns Up" gesture at Texas, the Big 12's coordinator of officials, Greg Burke, refused to get definitive on the issue, saying the celebration will be left up to the interpretation of referees -- and only penalized if it can be determined the "Horns Down" were directed at a team or player rather than simply serving as a separate team celebration. Sound overly complicated? Raja Bell, co-host of the "Kanell & Bell" podcast, agrees.

"There should be no separation between taunting in general and a 'horns' taunting," he said on Wednesday's episode. "Who the hell do you think you are that someone throwing your 'horns' down should be taken any more seriously than any other taunting penalty? It's ridiculous."

Former Florida State and NFL quarterback Danny Kanell doubled down on Bell's criticism.

"It is the dumbest thing I think I have ever heard," he said. "And the Big 12 is creating this mess on their hands by giving it special treatment. Like, are you going to go around to every university -- like TCU has, like, a frog... Just tell them we're trying to crack down on celebrations, which, by the way, I think is dumb, too."

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