The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl is now the Cactus Bowl

In June the college football world was rocked upon hearing the announcement that the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl would be changing its sponsorship, and obviously, it's name. The news led to rioting in the streets, children being abandoned by their distraught parents, and a three million percent decrease in people making overtime button jokes on Twitter.

Honestly, I didn't think mankind was going to make it, but as has been the case so often throughout history, the human spirit prevailed. And today we were rewarded, as the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl got a new name.

Welcome the Cactus Bowl.

“Our new name represents an iconic symbol for the state of Arizona,” said Mike Nealy, the bowl's executive director in a release. “The name will also resonate with the thousands of fans traveling to the Southwest to experience our great bowl game and unmatched hospitality.”

He's right, you know. Anytime I think of the southwest all I think about are cowboys and cacti.

And tumbleweeds.

And retired people from the midwest.

I kind of like the name. I wish more bowls would go back to their generic bowl name roots. I miss the Tangerine Bowls, and the Peach Bowls. The corporate sponsorship of these games has led to things like the Bowl, and nobody needs that.

So kudos to you, Cactus Bowl. Until you find a sponsor, anyway.

CBS Sports Writer

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