The rivalry between Nebraska and Oklahoma may be renewed

In the years before the Big 12 formed from the remnants of the Big 8 and SWC, there was a certainty every season in November: Oklahoma and Nebraska would meet on the field and decide who the Big 8 champion would be. The two schools remained rivals in the Big 12 but were separated by division and met in the Big 12 Championship Game only twice, with Oklahoma winning both games in 2006 and 2010.

Then Nebraska left for the Big Ten, seemingly putting the final nail in the coffin of the rivalry that brought us the Game of the Century in 1971. Well, the rivalry may not be dead after all, as Nebraska athletic director and the coach of so many of those Nebraska teams, Tom Osborne, is hopeful that the two schools can get together again in the future.

"Until we know what the Big Ten Conference scheduling requirements are going to be going forward -- whether it's the current eight league games, nine or 10 -- it's a little hard to make a firm schedule down the road," Osborne told the Lincoln Journal Star.

"I'd say within the next two or three years we'll have a pretty good idea. We'll certainly try to do it if we can."

If it was possible to schedule the series, it would be a home-and-home series between the schools in 2020 and 2021. Still, as Osborne says, it's just not as easy to schedule the game considering the uncertainty in both the Big Ten and Big 12's scheduling.

The Big 12 is currently at ten schools and plays a nine-game conference schedule. If the Big 12 were to further expand, it's entirely possible that neither school would be able to fit the other on its future schedules.

Still, it's an idea that I think both schools should try to make a reality. With the way schools are moving conferences these days, we've lost too many rivalries in college football. It'd just be nice to see schools rekindling them rather than ending them for once.
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