'The Waterboy' is marking its 20th anniversary with SCLSU Mud Dogs special edition jerseys

"The Waterboy" is a football classic in its own right. On Nov. 6, it will be 20 years since Adam Sandler's comedy hit theaters, and Adidas is doing something fun to commemorate the movie's release. The South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs are getting their own threads, and they look ... pretty awesome.

There's a jacket, a hat, a jersey and, of course, a water bottle filled with the highest quality H2O in the SCLSU line, with a Bourbon Bowl patch appearing on the jersey.

LSU may be in the name, but Florida could probably actually rock these threads in a game. It's a pretty bizarre crossover, but at least one NCAA team took notice of the look.

Bobby Boucher is probably a bit old to play college football, but everyone could use a legacy jersey.

The going rate for the jerseys is $120, and as a limited edition release, it's hard to imagine they're going to last very long. Not only is there a lot of nostalgia attached to these, they just look good. Collectors and people who just want to add to their ironic clothes wardrobe will rally to get these jerseys when they come out. Though my momma told me nostalgia is the devil, so be wary.

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