Three Group of Five teams earned at least $1 million to beat Power Five opponents in Week 3

It's not uncommon anymore for Power Five programs to pay out big bucks for an extra home game with the hopes of bringing in more revenue and getting an easier win. So it's all the more incredible when that underdog road team actually comes away with a victory. 

In Week 3, three Group of Five teams -- Akron, North Texas and Troy -- went on the road to upset Northwestern, Arkansas and Nebraska, respectively. Akron came from 18 points behind to beat the Wildcats 39-34, getting its first win against a Big Ten team since 1894. North Texas had no trouble with the Razorbacks, winning 44-17 and executing the best fake fair catch in the process. Troy held on to beat Nebraska, who was without quarterback Adrian Martinez, 24-19. 

Oh, and the schols got paid to do it -- at least $1 million each. 

Keep in mind that the Razorbacks were, at one point, a touchdown favorite. Nebraska was a 11.5-point favorite and Northwestern was a whopping 21.5-point favorite. The losses by Arkansas and Nebraska are at least explainable. UNT could win Conference USA and Arkansas is in bad shape. Troy is good, too, and the Cornhuskers were lifeless without Martinez. It's the Northwestern loss that is most stunning -- and -- adding insult to injury -- the Wildcats paid the highest fee out of the losing trio, too. 

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