Throwback Thursday: The ACC welcomes Miami and Virginia Tech

It feels like a perfect time to bring this commercial into your life because last week the ACC got "two teams stronger" with the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh. Though Syracuse and Pitt didn't get a cool commercial with all of the mascots like Virginia Tech and Miami did in 2004.

Of course, you'll remember that after Miami and Virginia Tech joined the ACC in 2004, Boston College followed them in 2005. And once Boston College gave the conference 12 teams, the ACC decided it had to separate both Virginia Tech and Miami from Florida State in the divisions.

The conference wanted to set up all those sweet ACC Championship Games between the football powerhouses.

So, how many times have Miami or Virginia Tech met Florida State in the ACC Championship Game since then? Just once. Virginia Tech beat Florida State 44-33 in the 2010 game. As for the dream scenario of a Miami-Florida State matchup, that has never happened because Miami hasn't even appeared in an ACC Championship Game. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech has appeared in five of the eight games.

So, maybe if the ACC could go back in time it would change this commercial to say the conference grew one team stronger instead of two.

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