The legend of Tim Tebow continues to grow.

The most recent installment comes from a Delta flight in which a passenger suffered a medical emergency while travelling from Atlanta to Phoenix. According to a Facebook post by Richard V. Gotti, passengers and crew members alike tended to the man until the plane landed.

One of the passengers who offered aid was none other than Tebow himself.

Tebow reportedly moved from his first class seat to the back of the plane to pray with the ill man's wife and other passengers.

Thanks to the aid of the crew, the man's heart reportedly started beating upon landing, and he was met by paramedics on the runway.

Unfortunately, according to People, the man later died at the hospital.

Delta spokesman Brian Kruse confirmed the medical emergency to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution while praising the actions of the crew and other passengers.

"We can't say enough about the Delta professionals who care for our customers every day and we are grateful to our customers who are so often quick to extend kindness and care to one another," he said.

Tebow has yet to comment on the incident but multiple reports confirm that he was on the plane.

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