Tony Dungy: USC called, I told them no

Tony Dungy says he won't be USC's next head coach. (USATSI)
Tony Dungy says he won't be USC's next head coach. (USATSI)
As a rule, "Coach X has been approached by Big-Time Program Y, declined interest" stories are the province of December and January. But with Lane Kiffin's September dismissal, the 2013 calendar is a little different.

Which is why Tony Dungy found himself telling the Dan Patrick Show Monday that representatives USC had approached his representatives to gauge his interest in its vacant coaching position. Dungy said he told the Trojans he wasn't interested. 

It also looks like the Trojans went the extra mile to make contact with the former Super Bowl winner:

It's easy to see why USC would be interested, even if Dungy has little-to-no professional ties to the school, and impossible to blame them for at least a quick phone call. But it's also easy to see why Dungy would just as quickly say thanks-but-no-thanks.

Which leaves former Trojan star Jack Del Rio intact as the betting favorite. But we wouldn't rush to any conclusions any time soon -- after all, coaching carousel in swing or not, it's still only October.

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