Try as he might, Jim Harbaugh probably didn't turn the Pope into a Michigan fan

And now we present to you Jim Harbaugh in Italy, Part 1,405: The Pope gets new shoes. Oh, and a special Michigan helmet. 

Michigan's trip to Italy has been eventful, to be sure, but the highlight (so far) has to be meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican. During the exchange, Harbaugh -- a man of deep faith -- gave the Pope a special Michigan helmet and a pair of Air Jordans.

Based on Harbaugh's explanation afterward, the greeting, while pleasant, might have also been a touch awkward. Then again, gifting the Pope with Wolverines gear when one of the team's biggest rivals is Notre Dame can't simply be glossed over. 

The Detroit News described the helmet as one "featuring the Italian and American flags and the number 266 for Pope Francis, the 266th head of the Roman Catholic Church." Here it is in all its glory...

Still, the full potential of this exchange won't be realized until the Pope actually wears the Air Jordans. Have to represent the #brands. 

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