Tua Tagovailoa says he considered transferring from Alabama before national title game breakout

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa told a group of middle schoolers that he considered transferring from Alabama prior to the national title game win against Georgia.

Tagovailoa was speaking at his old middle school in Hawaii when he described his moment of doubt, telling the group that he had called his dad to express his desire to leave. 

"Even throughout my football season, I wasn't the starter," Tagovailoa said, via the Hawaii News. "I wanted to leave the school. So I told myself if I didn't play in the last game, which was the national championship game, I would transfer out. If I gave in, I don't think I would have seen the end blessing of where I am now."

Tagovailoa noted to the kids that he was considering going somewhere with potentially less competition and that it was tough to watch all season from the sidelines.

"I called my dad and asked him if my offer to the University of Southern California was still available," Tagovailoa said. "I wanted to leave. I told my dad I wanted to go to a school where I thought it'd be easier for me and wouldn't challenge me so much."

Who knows what might have happened if Nick Saban doesn't turn the offense over to Tagovailoa in the second half of the title game against Georgia. But he did, and Tua went and cemented his place in Tide football history with his game-winning touchdown pass in overtime. 

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