Twitter CEO commits NCAA violation on Twitter

Just about every secondary NCAA violation is stupid, but sometimes those stupid violations are awesome. This is one of those times.

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, also happens to be a Michigan booster, and he also happened to commit a minor NCAA violation on the social media platform he runs.

That's Costolo responding to a tweet from Michigan 2014 commit Wilton Speight to recent 2015 commit George Campbell. It's a harmless tweet, but it's also an NCAA violation.

According to one of the roughly billion rules the NCAA has, a booster is not allowed to contact a recruit until after the recruit has signed his letter of intent with the school. Not in person, not on the phone and not on social media.


As for what is likely to happen following this incident, my guess would be nothing. It's not a major violation by any means, but it is an extremely ironic violation. 

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