Two Army coaches received game info from Wake Forest analyst, investigation finds

Two former Army assistants received strategic information from Wake Forest practice film and its playbook supplied by the Demon Deacons' radio color analyst, an Army investigation shows.

The actions of Army defensive coordinator Jay Bateman and former defensive line coach Ray McCartney are detailed in an Army investigation obtained by CBS Sports after a Freedom of Information Act request

Bateman was fined and suspended by Army for his involvement while McCartney is no longer with the team. The investigation found former Wake Forest radio analyst Tommy Elrod corresponded and passed along information to the pair of coaches.

The investigating officer did not find evidence of NCAA violations.

The practice film was shot during Wake Forest's preparation for the 2014 and 2016 games with Army. The Black Knights lost in 2014 but won in 2016.

The investigation concludes, "it is common and normal practice" for coaching staffs to "decode signal calling" on the sidelines and talk to coaches who have future opponents. That is considered "ethical" and "sportsmanlike".

However, Army received "proprietary football information," that is "in most cases, unethical."

There were also photos of questions provided by McCartney that he had sent to Elrod in 2014 from Army's offensive coordinator Brent Davis. According to the investigation, Davis was not aware the questions were being sent to Elrod.

Davis is not implicated in the investigation.

The investigation concluded the practice film "would be plays or looks that Army was more likely to see." However, none of it "was very specific game plan information" that Wake head coach Dave Clawson was definitively going to use.

McCartney and Bateman did not distribute the information to other staff. The investigation concludes they intentionally tried to keep the information between them.

Bateman, in fact, deleted information that was received late Thursday before the 2016 game against Wake Forest. The investigation notes, "It would have been nearly impossible to distribute the information because Army had already developed their game plan for Saturday …"

Because of friendship between McCartney and Elrod, correspondence concerning "proprietary WF football information" between the two began prior to the 2014 Army-Wake game.

Only McCartney corresponded via text, voice calls, voicemails and emails with Elrod prior to that Sept. 20, 2014 game. Army lost 24-21.

Bateman "by his own admission was aware" McCartney was corresponding with Elrod.

There was no evidence of corresponding prior to 2015 Army-Wake game.

Prior to the Oct. 29, 2016 game, there is evidence showing an email with attachments two days prior between Elrod and Bateman. Bateman also said he spoke to Elrod via phone that week of the game.

"Numerous texts and voicemails" show that McCartney "assured Elrod that only he and Coach Bateman knew that their source was Elrod."

Other staff members including Army head coach Jeff Monken said they had no knowledge of the contact with Elrod.

Virginia Tech and Louisville were fined $25,000 each by the ACC for their actions in taking information from Elrod. Wake Forest announced in December that Elrod -- a former staff member -- had shared information.

McCartney is now the assistant head coach/defensive line coach at Davidson. Elrod, 41, is a former Wake Forest player who worked on radio broadcasts the last three seasons.

Large portions of the investigative document are redacted including the sworn statements of 13 individuals (coaches etc.) spoken to by Army. 

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