It's going to take awhile for UCLA's stunning 45-44 comeback victory over Texas A&M to sink in. The Bruins were down 44-10 late in the third quarter and nothing had gone right for them. Quarterback Josh Rosen was getting pummeled by the pressure applied by A&M and even an injury to Aggies quarterback Nick Starkel didn't seem like it would be enough to change the tides.

Oh, how wrong we all were. 

Rosen led UCLA to a 35-point rally that ended in an homage to Dan Marino with the fake spike-touchdown. But before all of that happened, UCLA slowly began its comeback. Such improbable events usually require at least a little bit of luck. The Bruins got it when a would-be interception instead turned into a touchdown ... 

That's when the feeling in the Rose Bowl shifted. Something was clearly in the air. Texas A&M has produced its share of late-season meltdowns over the past few years, but to play that out over the course of a single game was completely unexpected. And, yet, somehow, completely expected. 

When it became apparent that this was more than a brief surge by the Bruins, the reality that Texas A&M might actually choke this away started to grow. 

And, then, Rosen pulled off the now-infamous fake spike for the go-ahead score. And people lost their minds. 

Of course, Texas A&M fans predictably lost their minds after watching those events unfold. Kevin Sumlin's job status will absolutely be a talking point from here on out -- as if it wasn't before. 

In fact, the loss was so devastating that fans actually momentarily crashed, a popular Aggies website.