UCLA's band broke out its Trojan War halftime show again, with Cal's help

Yes, that's a horse. A Trojan one. (Larry Brown/Vine)
Yes, that's a horse. A Trojan one. (Larry Brown/Vine)

UCLA's band has its own Olympic tradition: every four years, it performs a halftime show depicting the Trojan War and the entrance of the Trojan horse inside the city walls, bringing about the fall of Troy. 

Surely, surely, this is unrelated in any way to any other Pac-12 schools and their nicknames, mascot, program imagery, etc. Which is why it's perfectly OK that other Pac-12 bands occasionally help UCLA's out with the performance, which was the case Thursday night with Cal in town. Here's a Vine of the climactic horse-entrance:

And even better, via Fox Sports, here's a clip of the full re-enactment:

That's great stuff, good enough that if I'd have been there in person I'd have wound up cheering myself ...



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