The College Football Playoff National Championship is going to be an event unlike any other. For the first time since before the BCS era, the national title game will be a rematch of the previous year's title tilt. Alabama and Clemson have cemented themselves as two of the most dominant programs in the modern era, and getting them in the championship game two years in a row only increases the country's excitement for Monday night.

ESPN rolls out a full viewing experience for the game every year, which it calls the "Megacast," featuring different channels showing the broadcast in a variety of ways. One of the most popular is a film room show where other head coaches will break down the action they see from the skycam.

In a first for the network this year, there will also be an option to watch the game live as Bill Walton gives his own commentary.

I can hear it now: "Bo Scarbrough, shedding tacklers like a giant roaming through the woods, un-bee-lievable!"

Walton will be joined by Keyshawn Johnson for their version of the game on ESPNU.

The primary broadcast, set for an 8 p.m. ET start, will be on ESPN. A "Homers Telecast" (Clemson and Alabama players as announcers) on ESPN2 and the Coaches Film Room on ESPNNews. SEC Network will also have a "Finebaum Film Room" with their analysts and an SEC coach.