What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but apparently what happens on a private yacht in the Caribbean doesn't. 

UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam has issued an apology for eating sushi off of a nude model while appearing on BravoTV's reality show "Below Deck" in November. Gilliam, identified on the show as a "star quarterback at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas," appeared alongside two friends and three girlfriends as they chartered a boat out of Antigua. 

The Las Vegas Journal-Review notes that the filming took place in February and March, before the COVID-19 pandemic had major shutdown implications. The paper also says that according to, guests on the show are not paid to appear, but rather pay to charter the boat. 

Though there do not appear to be any NCAA issues involving Gilliam, there is one scene that UNLV found ... fishy. Per the Journal-Review

Dinner on the first night was the highlight of the episode. A world-class chef describes with painstaking detail her sushi preparation, but expresses frustration her efforts may have been wasted on a group that seems far more infatuated with how it was served.

They had requested the sushi to be laid out on a nude model, who had to be picked up from shore and adorned in large leafs before the rice and raw fish was placed over her.

Despite the episode airing nearly a month ago, Gilliam and Rebels coach Marcus Arroyo issued the following statements on Monday. Gilliam apologized for what he called "poor judgement" even though he claims eating raw fish off of a naked woman wasn't his idea.

Gilliam has played in all five games this year, throwing for 599 yards, four touchdowns and three interceptions. The Rebels will finish the season at Hawaii, capping off an incredible year of travel for Gilliam.