No. 9 Ohio State beat Michigan 31-20 on Saturday, improving Urban Meyer's record against the Buckeyes' rival to 6-0, but judging by Meyer's press conference after the game you'd think it was Ohio State that lost.

Meyer was furious about an injury suffered by Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett. Barrett left the game in the third quarter after coming up lame with a right knee injury, but according to Meyer, the injury didn't happen during the game. It occurred before the game when a cameraman hit Barrett in the knee on the sideline before the game.

"I'm just so upset with myself it was a non-football injury," said Meyer in his post-game press conference. "Too many damn people on the sideline. And a guy with a camera hit him in the knee -- I'm gonna find out who -- and think about that. I'm so angry right now I gotta move on -- that I let that happen.

"How does someone on the frickin' sideline ... hurt your quarterback? I'll find out who that was."

Meyer also said there'd be an "all-out investigation" into what happened. The investigation won't be a formal one, but Ohio State is looking into what happened and how it happened.

Barrett said that someone darted past him and collided with his leg, hurting his knee. He did not think it was malicious , and he did not see a camera. It was other witnesses to the collision that claim it was a cameraman, but nobody knows if it was a photographer or a member of the television crew.

Whatever the case, Barrett also said he will be able to play next week against Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship.