Urban Meyer: 'Everybody is going to want to relook' at targeting rule

Was this hit by Bradley Ropby worth of an ejection? (USATSI)
Was this hit by Bradley Ropby worth of an ejection? (USATSI)

It seems safe to say that after the ejection of star Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby against Iowa, college football's controversial new targeting rule has lost the support of Urban Meyer.

"The NCAA and everybody is going to want to relook at that rule," Meyer said Monday, per the Associated Press. "We at Ohio State are very concerned about player safety ... Any rule for the safety of players, no question we support it.

"However, that was a game-changer," Meyer said. "To take one of your better players out of the game, that impacted that game."

Immediately following the game, Meyer said he hadn't seen a replay of the hit yet, but believed it to have been below the shoulders and legal. Monday, Meyer hadn't much changed his stance, saying that Roby had not targeted the Hawkeye receiver and said a shift a shift in Roby's pads had given the appearance of Roby aiming above the shoulders.

"We teach and work hard at it that you play the game with the shoulder pads and play below the head," he said. "I agree a hundred percent. To have a guy ejected who played like that, obviously I'm concerned ...

"I just think on a national level that's something that needs to continue to be evaluated. Make sure we're doing the right thing for player safety, but understand the devastating impact on that game when you're out."

The play in question, one of a handful of controversial targeting ejections from Saturday:

Roby was ejected in the first quarter and will be eligible to play the entirety of the Buckeyes' game Saturday against Penn State. 

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