Urban Meyer reportedly set to become assistant athletic director at Ohio State

Urban Meyer is preparing to coach his final game at Ohio State on New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl, but he won't be leaving the Ohio State athletic department when the game is finished. Instead, he'll help run it.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith says that Meyer will be taking on the title of assistant athletic director. From Cleveland.com:

Smith told Cleveland.com that Meyer will hold the title of assistant athletic director, though he's not yet sure of the specifics. He also explained how he might handle things if he feels Meyer is hanging around football in a way that could make life more difficult on new head coach Ryan Day.

"I'm not that worried about it, but it's something we have to pay attention to," Smith said. "I'm not that worried because of our relationship. I'm very direct with him. If I see him step over, I'll say, 'Hey, buddy, let's talk about that.' We have that relationship where I can say, 'Brother, you've got to be careful here. What are you doing?'"

While Smith may not be specific about what the job will entail for Meyer, he did say that Meyer will help to raise money, do speaking engagements, and other things like teaching a leadership class.

Smith also said he's not sure how Meyer will manage his new role with the school while making sure not to get too involved with the football program, saying "my team has to be very diligent in helping him understand that you've got to maintain that separation." Smith also said that Meyer will be on the field during Ohio State football games.

Meyer announced that he would retire following the Rose Bowl on Dec. 4. He retired at Florida following the 2010 season and spent a year in the broadcast booth before returning to the sideline to take over Ohio State.

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