NCAA Football: Urban Meyer-Press Conference

On Friday afternoon, the news broke that USC would be filling its athletic director position with Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn. Bohn's biggest responsibility at USC will be fixing a football program that has not been the same since Pete Carroll left for the NFL.

Well, it didn't take long for reports to surface of who USC's top choice will be to run its football program, and it's the name everyone has said it would be all along. Stadium's Brett McMurphy reported Friday that Urban Meyer is "undoubtedly" USC's No. 1 choice.

"We think the guy that can do it is Urban," a source told McMurphy. "He did it at Utah, Florida and Ohio state, but the question is if he's really interested." The source also told McMurphy that USC would do "whatever it takes" to get Meyer.

Of course, the first thing USC would have to do to get Meyer is fire its current coach. That must make this latest report pretty awkward for Clay Helton as he prepares to play Oregon on Saturday at The Coliseum. After going 21-6 in his first full two seasons as USC's coach, Helton's Trojans teams have gone 10-10. They're currently 5-3 on the season and still in the running for a division title, but it certainly seems like USC is determined to pull the plug on him as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

As for Meyer, ever since he resigned from his job at Ohio State, there's been endless speculation about where he'd end up next. A lot of people don't think it's a coincidence that Meyer chose to work for Fox Sports, which is located in southern California. There's been speculation that he's had his eye on the job all along. So, if this ends up happening, I don't know how many people will be surprised.

If it doesn't happen, well, I hope Clay Helton isn't reading this.