VIDEO: A view of Kyle Field renovations from above

That's the video taken from a remote-controlled helicopter that a Texas A&M fan flew around Kyle Field to get a view of the renovations being done to the stadium. Now, I don't want to spoil the video (assuming you haven't watched it yet), but you're going to see a lot of construction-type stuff going on. You know, cranes, metal, dirt, the whole enchilada.

You're also going to hear a loud, annoying buzz from the helicopter during the entire video, so you'll probably want to turn the volume down before starting. 

All that being said, while it's not the most exciting video I've ever seen, it certainly provides a unique vanage point of Kyle Field, and it does give you a decent idea of what the place will look like when completed.

Oh, and if you can, go to YouTube and read the comments on the video. As Eye on College Football's Jerry Hinnen said, it's "the most interesting YouTube thread I may have ever read."

Via Good Bull Hunting

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