VIDEO: Arizona State has some trouble with its entrance

Ah, the college entrance tunnel smoke machine. You giveth, and you giveth, and you giveth, week after week after week across the college football landscape. And you so rarely taketh away.

But occasionally, you do. (Just ask 2012 Mississippi State.) And when you do taketh away, hoo boy, is it worth a chuckle or two. We can now also ask Arizona State , who saw center Kody Koebensky stumble in the machine's fog of intimidation and take out a handful of his trailing teammates:

We have a request, Sun Devils: you wound up winning this game, your season opener, 55-0 over FCS Sacramento State. (Turns out teams need to overcome first-week jitters in areas other than on the field, too.) Any chance we could get a reenactment before hosting Wisconsin this week?

OK, OK, sorry. Just asking. Because we're watching the video again now.


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