VIDEO: Arizona State wins after weirdest ending ever

So Arizona State defeated Wisconsin 32-30 Saturday night, a description that does as much justice to how this game ended as "Jimi Hendrix was pretty good at guitar playing" does to his rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Sorry if that's a confusing analogy; 1. it's late 2. we've watched the final 18 seconds to Sun Devils-Badgers several times now, and our brain has turned further and further into mush each time. Watch ... if you dare:

So many questions. Does Joel Stave's knee actually touch the ground? (It looks like it. And the officials whistle the play dead regardless.) Why doesn't Stave -- or any other Badger --seem to realize the clock is still running until there's too little time left to do anything about it? Why doesn't the official spotting the ball make even the slightest effort to get the ball ready for play after the previous play has been blown dead? Knowing they had no timeouts, why weren't the Badgers trying to line up for the spike and pleading with the ref to spot it the moment Stave put it on the ground? Knowing they had no timeouts, why didn't Gary Andersen just spike the ball in the first place? What is the meaning of life?

Whatever it is, and however much blame you believe Wisconsin does or does not share in its own demise, we're not expecting these officials to provide the answers.

HT: @cjzero

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