VIDEO: Bo Pelini to TV reporter: 'What kind of question is that?'

Nebraska was at home against new Big Ten border rival Iowa on Black Friday, and things did not go well. But you don't have to take that link's word for it. Check out Bo Pelini's reaction to a fairly innocuous question from ESPN/ABC's sideline reporter at halftime:

And via Deadspin, here's Pelini's interaction with an official, good for a quick 15 yards against his team:

With Nebraska wrapping up a disappointing 8-4 season with a 21-point home loss, the Huskers not even as good as that record (all four of their losses came by double digits, while half their wins came by four points or fewer), and Pelini's off-field conduct a matter of continuing concern, Friday may really not have been the best time for Pelini to remind his employers of his volatile on-field personality, either.

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