VIDEO: Chris Petersen pulls an April Fool's prank on his team

Washington april fools prank video
It's an interesting look to say the least. (YouTube)

For the most part, I don't like April Fools' Day. I've always found it to be a day in which people who aren't all that smart or funny convince themselves that they're smart and funny. More often than not, it doesn't work.

Then there's Washington coach Chris Petersen, whom I've always considered smart, and it seems he has a bit of a sense of humor about him as well. Something that was evident when he pulled this April Fools prank on his team, showing them the interesting new uniforms that had been designed for them to wear in 2014.

You know, they may have been prank uniforms, and they may look dumb, but they're better than some of the uniforms I've seen some teams actually wearing lately.

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