VIDEO: Henry Josey gets Gary Pinkel's first-ever game ball

Knee injuries don't come much more catastrophic than the one suffered by Missouri running back Henry Josey late in the 2011 season, one that required a series of surgeries, cost Josey the entire 2012 season, and had some wondering if he would ever play again--much less return to the form that saw him average an incredible 8.1 yards per-carry in 2011 before the injury.

But return he did Saturday against FCS Murray State, and even looked much like his old self, collecting 113 yards on just 13 carries and ripping off a 68-yard touchdown run. Gary Pinkel said in the team locker room that in 35 years of coaching, he'd never given out a game ball before -- "It’s a team game. It’s all team. We know that" -- but he elected to make an exception for Josey, triggering a roar of approval from the rest of the Tigers.

Here's the quite-excellent video:

The Tigers won't have it quite easy this week against Toledo, much less once the SEC schedule arrives. But if Josey is back to being the 2011 Josey, that schedule won't look quite so daunting.

HT: CoachingSearch

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